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Skintechnologies Provides a Variety of Skin Surgeries in Medicine Hat, AB

Skin abnormalities like bumps, lumps, and similar lesions can develop on the face or other areas of the body for various reasons.

Skintechnologies offers safe and effective laser removal of most skin lesions to provide the best aesthetic results. Dr Kriel will assess each skin lesion to determine if removal is possible and suggest the most appropriate method of removal.

Earlobe Repair

Earlobes that have been stretched or torn by piercings or other causes, earlobes that have become elongated or natural ears that stick out can be something you want treated. No worries, contact Skintechnologies as Dr Kriel is experienced with these issues and can often correct and greatly improve these kinds of problems at his Medicine Hat, Alberta clinic.

Surgeries for Men

We have some male-specific skin and body related surgeries that we can provide. Learn more here.

Skin Biopsies

A skin biopsy is a technique that sees the doctor remove (cut out or cut off) a piece of skin for the purpose of a diagnostic examination. This is most often done to diagnose skin growths from simpler ones like moles and warts to more stubborn rashes and even more serious skin conditions like skin cancer. Depending on the size and type of issue that Dr. Kriel suspects, he employs different techniques suited to the skin problem. For example, a shave biopsy sees a thin slice of skin removed and can be used to remove superficial lesions. A punch biopsy takes a slightly deeper sample and is often used to remove small lesions, diagnose rashes, and other conditions. Excisional biopsies are generally deeper and larger sample removals which are used to completely remove an abnormal area of skin (lesion) such as skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Above in the skin biopsies section, we described excisional biopsies as one way to both diagnose and treat skin cancer. However, depending on the area of the body, size of growth, and perceived seriousness of the skin cancer, Dr. Kriel may use a variety of laser techniques and employs other types of procedures. If you suspect you have skin cancer, see this information and don’t wait to get in touch to book in with Skintechologies.

Mole Removal

Lesions, moles and skin tags are easily removed by one of two methods:

Excision (cutting out) of moles or lesions is performed when pathology of the lesion is required. Suturing of the area excised is required.

Laser removal is the best option aesthetically when scarring is an issue and no pathological concerns are evident.


Warts are treated in a number of ways in our clinic, including laser therapy. The modality of treatment is dependent on the type of wart.

Several treatments may be required.

Contact our office to learn more, you can email us or call 403-504-4156 or toll-free at 1-866-888-4156.

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